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ALSA (audio) driver
ALSA (ppch) driver
HSF (softmodem) driver
DGC (modem) driver
HCF (modem) driver
RIPTIDE (audio) driver

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Sun Nov 28 2010 - * Added input_mux patch Thu May 17 2010 - * Upgraded to 1.0.23 final * Make sure that reload-alsa-driver will run depmod even if it fails to unload the modules * Added the hrtimer_forward_now patch to fix a build problem with the 2.6.24 kernel Thu Apr 15 2010 - * Upgraded to git20100411 * Removed the adriver_fmode patch, alsa-driver now has a simiar fix built-in Tue Sep 01 2009 - * Upgraded to 1.0.21 final Thu Jun 11 2009 - * Added the video_ioctl2 patch to fix a build problem with the 2.6.30 kernel Mon Jun 08 2009 - * Renamed the hermosaheadphone patch to simply hermosa and added "Port D" related fixes to the patch Wed May 27 2009 - * Fixed several merge problems * Added the proc_print patch to be able to read bios_profile from /proc * Added support to build pre-compiled x86_64 (amd64) packages Thu May 09 2009 - * Installing a pre-compiled pakages will no longer fail if the kernel headers are not installed * Improved error messages when something goes wrong with the "make debprecomp" and "make rpmprecomp" features * Added tea575x patch to solve compilation issue under kernels < 2.6.27 * Improved the usb_endpoint patch to fix compilation issue * Added hrtimer path to fix yet another compilation issue * Added support to make pre-compiled packages * Rebased on 1.0.20 Thu Mar 05 2009 - * Improved support for codec reconfiguration via "sys" interface * Improved uninstallation * Added some options to the reload-alsa-driver script * Update the kernel configuration (CONFIG_*) options at the same time we update the headers and symbol versions Wed Feb 11 2009 - * Fixed multiple build issues with Red Hat based 2.6.18 kernels * Improved main HDA patch to fix build issue when CONFIG_SND_JACK is not defined Thu Feb 05 2009 - * Fixed deb_version file (DEB package specific) * Zipped RPM files now unpack their files in the current directory Tue Jan 20 2009 - * Upgraded to alsa-driver 1.0.19 * rpm -V alsa-driver-linuxant shouldn't find differences anymore with a typical use of the package * Added more precise detection for the fmode type * Updated main HDA patch as well as the smartaudio one Tue Dec 04 2008 - * Upgraded to git20081204 * Fixed a build issue with the kernel Tue Nov 28 2008 - * Upgraded to git20081128 Tue Oct 29 2008 - * Upgraded to 1.0.18 final Tue Oct 21 2008 - * Upgraded to git20081020 * Fixed modem enumeration problem on Thinkpad/Lenovo x6x machines * Removed the 'patch' dependency * Prevent unwanted warning messages on Mandriva 2009.0 while installing and removing the package Tue Sep 15 2008 - * Upgraded to git20080915 * Added the hermosaheadphone slave_put and bdl_pos_adj patches Tue Sep 10 2008 - * Upgraded to alsa-driver-1.0.18rc3 Tue Sep 08 2008 - * Fixed another issue with the smartaudio patch Tue Aug 29 2008 - * Fixed some issues with the smartaudio patch Tue Aug 26 2008 - * Added smartaudio patch Wed Aug 20 2008 - * Updated to alsa-driver 1.0.18rc1 Thu Aug 12 2008 - * Fix multiple build issue on 2.6.23 and earlier kernels Thu Jul 23 2008 - * Prevent a possible build problem related to a file copy issue Thu Jul 18 2008 - * Prevent the user to install multiple versions of the package at the same time * %preun will not fail if hsfconfig --auto fails * Added the "patch" dependency Thu Jul 17 2008 - * Upgraded to ALSA 1.0.17 final Tue Jul 01 2008 - * Upgraded to ALSA 1.0.17rc3 Tue Jun 24 2008 - * Upgraded to ALSA 1.0.17rc2 to fix multiple build problems on SUSE 11.0 * Improved kernel headers location detection to workaround fake kernel build directory on SUSE 11.0 * Renamed the init. script to alsa-driver-linuxant to prevent a conflict on SUSE 11.0 Mon Apr 7 2008 - * Improvements dealing with the HSF driver and detecting existing ALSA modules * Fixed an enumeration issue with the HDA bus driver Tue Feb 19 2008 - * Upgraded to ALSA 1.0.16 Fri Nov 16 2007 - * Initial version



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Hi, I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for providing the drivers for these modems. These have been an absolute saviour for me! I have used Mandrake 9 and more recently Red hat 9 at home so it is important to me to be able to use a dial-up connection. For example, even though I have all the packages for Ximian desktop 2 on CD it still needs to connect to the Ximian site to check for dependencies or something... So I can't install it without your drivers! So I have just downloaded the Red Hat 9 drivers for HSF modems and will be installing tonight. So a big THANK YOU for all responsible for the drivers and those who sponsor your work!!!! Regards

Aaron Symes (Australia)

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