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Mailing lists

You want to be immediately informed of new releases? You didn't find a satisfying answer to your question with the information available from this web site? You need more assistance or further information, to report a problem, or submit a patch?

This page describes various mailing lists that can help you. Please read it carefully and choose the most appropriate list for your needs.

The driverloader-announce mailing list

This low-volume ANNOUNCEMENT mailing list is used by Linuxant to inform users about new DriverLoader releases. DO NOT SEND messages to this list! Use the "driverloader" list instead.

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The driverloader users mailing list

This mailing list is an open forum for DriverLoader users who have questions, problems, or of course those who want to help other users by sharing their experience and knowledge.

When to contact the driverloader mailing list?

  • If you need help installing DriverLoader on your Linux system
  • To report weird behavior or bugs involving DriverLoader under Linux
  • If you want to help in further DriverLoader development or suggest improvements
  • General discussion about DriverLoader for Linux

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