[driverloader] USR5410 problems...

Miguel Angel Piquer Castello wilotas at iespana.es
Thu Jan 1 13:28:40 EST 2004

Hi friends...

I have a USR5410 device in my Toshiba laptop with debian... I have
installed driverloader correctly and the device is recongnized by the
OS... The problem is that when i start my computer "dmesg" gives me an
error: modprobe can't load module driverloader: the device eth1 dont
exist or something like that...When the machine is rebooted i load the
module by hand with modprobe driverloader and i get to load it without
problems...Good, when i configure the eth1 IP,Mask, etc... with ifconfig
the device looks to work but no, the device is UP but doesn't works, i
can't PING the AP or another machine in the network...

NOTE: Thx a lot, and sorry for my bad english...i am newbie ;)

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