[driverloader] dldrconfig must be run after every reboot

Urs Mueller newsuser at bf-net.ch
Fri Jan 2 20:38:55 EST 2004

Francisco Alcaraz sagte:
> I have the same problem :-(
> Is there any way to load automatically the module?
>> I have successfully activated my Netgear WG311, and
>> have set up its interface (eth1) on Linux 2.4.20-8.
>> However whenever I reboot, I get this error:
>> ifup: driverloader device eth1 does not seem to be
>> present, delaying initialization.
>> localhost network: Bringing up interface eth1:  failed
>> I then have to run dldrconfig on the command line, and
>> then run ifup, to get the interface up and running.
>> Is there a way to automate this procedure?

Yes... But could depend on your distribution.
Usually /etc/modules.conf. There are entrys like:

alias "device" "module to load"


alias wlan0 driverloader

Urs Mueller

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