[driverloader] driverloader modules hanging - fc1/kernel 2.6.1

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Fri Jan 16 12:26:00 EST 2004


did you compile your kernel with the module unloading option?


Is you license working properly after rebooting?


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Subject: [driverloader] driverloader modules hanging - fc1/kernel 2.6.1

    Currently having a problem with driverloader module unloading.  I
have a netgear MA521 (Realtek 8180 chipset) running on a Dell Latitude
C840, Fedora Core 1 with the latest 2.6.1 kernel.  
    The module loads fine, Pwr and Lnk lights come on on the card.  When
I try to apply my newly-purchased license and click "Save," nothing
happens.  A `ps ax` shows that I'm stuck on the `rmmod driverloader` and
dldrconfig tries to unload it to apply my license.
    From that point, apps start crashing, commands like kill and
/sbin/lsmod lock up completely, etc. etc.  I inevitably just have to
turn it off. 
    Any thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated!

eric whitten.

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