[driverloader] WMP54G, WPC54G, WRT54G WPA PSK AES on XP but

Famille Duchesne celine-regis at comcast.net
Tue Jan 20 21:42:28 EST 2004


>             Here's an interesting limitation that you might like to add to your website.  Per Linuxant's Marc Boucher,
> wpa_supplicant REQUIRES
>             the AP to broadcast the SSID.

Interesting. I will add that to my web page. Thanks for the update.

>   Needless to say, I don't broadcast my ssid.

Don't let your reflexes take over your reason :)

Remember that:
o Not broadcasting your ssid
o Filtering on MAC addresses
are only half-secure band-aids that date from an era where not even WEP

If you have top-notch WPA PSK AES encryption setup, you don't play in
the same ballpark anymore: you play one level higher in terms of
security. You absolutely don't need those pathetic band-aids anymore. In
particular, you can broadcast your ssid in confidence: absolutely nobody
can use your AP unless they have the secret key.

Regis "HPReg" Duchesne

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