RESOLVED [driverloader] driverloader modules hanging - fc1/kernel 2.6.1]

Sean T. Gillespie stg at
Thu Jan 22 15:21:14 EST 2004

I remember once trying to load and unload modules for kernel 2.6 using 
the old modtools, when I did it, it seg faulted. Now whether is part of 
your problem, I can't say.

eric whitten wrote:
>     Even with the options compiled in, it still would hang.  Still not
> exactly sure why, but even if the module unloading stuff wasn't in the
> kernel, segfault'ing out and locking up my machine doesn't seem like the
> nicest way to handle things.
> eric
> On Thu, 2004-01-22 at 14:37, Sean T. Gillespie wrote:
>>Kernel 2.6 (as I recall) doesn't, by default, allow one to remove a 
>>module. You have to recompile the kernel with that option set.
>>In kernel 2.6.1, from make menuconfig, it's under "Loadable module support"
>>And from there it's listed as...
>>[*]   Module unloading 
>>                     [*]     Forced module unloading
>>eric whitten wrote:
>>>    And yet more work, by myself...  Restarted into the latest Fedora
>>>official 2.4 kernel, reinstalled driverloader rpm, setup went perfectly,
>>>including license installation.  Went back into 2.6.1 and *presto* I
>>>have a working, licensed network card.  
>>>    So I'm like 90% of the way there.  The only problem now is that
>>>rmmod still segfaults when trying to unload the module.  I'd prefer not
>>>to keep shutting this off properly.
>>>    I saw mention of arjanv's kernel 2.6.x kernel rpm's, and decided to
>>>grab those...  aaaand *bingo* we're all set now.  Wish I knew what fixed
>>>it, though.

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