[driverloader] Intel pro 2001 wireless

Stefan Schlörholz stefan at schloerholz.de
Tue Feb 3 00:03:15 EST 2004

kamran iranpour schrieb am Montag, 2. Februar 2004 20:59:

Hello Kamran,

> Thanks for the reply. I somehow got it working.
> I saw that a process called dhcpcd (dhcp client
> daemon)
> was running on eth0. So I started one for my wireless
> interface "wlan0" and there it all began !!!
> I have no further explanation for that. It is just
> working for the time being. Who knows what happens
> tomorrow.

If you enable dhcp to listen on your devices, SuSE just starts the 
deamon for the fist device. In your case the cable based eth0. If you 
do not need eth0, put it to manual in YAST and dhcp will listen on your 
wireless device.

hope I could help


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