[driverloader] format of WEP key?

Cameron Mura cmura at ucsd.edu
Wed Feb 4 15:27:33 EST 2004


I'm wondering -- how do I correctly pass driverloader a WEP key via
iwconfig?  If you've done this, then please read-on for more details...

I recently installed driverloader on a Dell laptop running a custom 2.6
kernel, and I've gotten it to work fine with an insecure wireless
network at work after playing around with "iwconfig".  However, I can't
seem to get it to work at home, where I've customized the Linksys WRT54G
wireles router with an SSID (e.g., "some_wireless_net"), WEP keys, and
MAC filtering...(no WPA).  I think the problem has something to do with
the way I'm entering the WEP key on the 'iwconfig' command line.  The
64(/40)-bit key consists of 10 hex digits (e.g., "A12345678F") and was
automatically generated by the router's utility after I entered a
plaintext phrase.

So...I guess the first question is: how do I correctly pass this key to
iwconfig?  Unfortunately, I don't have the laptop (and iwconfig
manpages) with me right now, and my memory of exactly what I've tried is
a bit vague.  But I think I tried almost everything...stuff like:

# iwconfig eth1 essid "some_wireless_net" ap any channel 6 mode Managed
key A12345678F

I also tried "mode Auto" and some other variations...Just wondering
what's the best way to go about this...
Thanks for any advice,


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