[driverloader] yeah!! it works TINET1130

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I believe the the DS in "802.11-DS" stands for direct sequence. You will
find more information if you search for "802.11 direct sequence spread
spectrum" on your favorite search engine.

It's hard to tell why some applications hung when you tried to enter your
license data through the web configurator. Maybe the module could not be
unloaded properly.

As for your other question, the module needs to be reloaded after the
license details are inserted in the configuration file under


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I finally got the TINET1130 PCCard to work using the linuxant
drivers.  The exact model name is XN-2422g by Xterasys.  Here is a
brief rundown of what I did, along with my experiences doing it.


Step 6: post install questions to linuxant

1. Why does the webconfd hang all devices related to the network
card (iwconfig, ifconfig, modprobe, webconfd) when trying the
register the license?

2. Why can't the license be registered when the card is partially

Finally, credits...

Thank you linuxant!  I know you do get some criticism for this
kernel module because it uses the windows drivers, but the awesome
part about linux is choice.  For now, this helps to get a card with
no kernel module in the open source world up and running in linux.
I am not sure how one can complain about that.  If this continues to
work out, I will be registering my license very soon.


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