[driverloader] Almost?

MJang michael at ywow.org
Sat Feb 14 21:26:41 EST 2004


Thanks to Jonathan, I'm almost there. I have a Netgear HA501 802.11a
adapter on a HP ze4540us laptop. Among other things, I had to manually
run the 

cardbus insert 

command to get Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 to look at what's in the
PCMCIA slot. I've also had to upload a file separately from the
Web-based tool (it missed a file). I hope it works in my rc.local. 

The laptop is currently in a dual-boot with Windows 2000. The adapter
works fine there. I've had it working on a Windows XP computer before.

Now I have eth1 configured with license - it's just not sending
anything. I wonder if it's related to the speed - it's set up at 6MB/s -
and it's supposed to go at 54MB/s. 

The lights are blinking as if the connection to the base port is right.

Thus my questions:

1) How do I change the speed
2) How do I scan for the base port
3) What else do I do to get things transmitting?


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