[driverloader] wireless driver for centrino(TP-T41)

x86processor genes46genes at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 15 10:21:05 EST 2004


I would like to know if I download and install the
DriverLoader for the x86 kernel architecture for SuSE
9 on the IBM Thinkpad T41 using:

rpm -ivh <filename>.rpm

is it sufficient?

Or, do I need to copy any files from the pre-installed
windows xp system.

I read in many reviews, that I shouldn't boot the
laptop the first time (for installing linux) as the
file-system will be converted into NTFS, which I do
not want. I am planning to remove windows xp and
install SuSE linux for the full system.

Waiting for your replies,

Thanking you,


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