[driverloader] driverloader doesn't load correctly on boot

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Mon Feb 16 08:46:14 EST 2004


a workaround might be to put the reload commands in '/etc/rc.local'. This
script is usually run at the end of the boot process.

Also, maybe you could also set the interface not to start on boot and put
"ifup interface_name" in '/etc/rc.local'.


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Thanks, but the module is loading (I've tried both modules.autoload &
modules.conf, including an additional testing after receiving your post).
It shows up under iwlist & iwconfig, but nothing exists outside the
laptop until I manually reload.

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Thank you,

On Sun, 04 Jan 2004 10:44:51 +0100
Sebastien Stormacq <sebastien.stormacq at sun.com> wrote:

> Hello Michael,
> > Problem:
> > The driverloader module is set to autoload on boot.
> > Then eth0 is brought up, but the network doesn't actually exist.
> > I need to rmmod/modprobe driverloader and restart eth0 to get
> > a working network.  No errors in the logs.
> >
> > driverloader does work :-D, I'm just looking to avoid the reload.
> Just add :
> alias eth1 driverloader
> to /etc/modules.conf, then issue a depmod -a command (both actions as
> Enjoy !
> Seb

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