[driverloader] driverloader-1.62 locks up laptop during boot

burgeke at HQ.VerizonWireless.com burgeke at HQ.VerizonWireless.com
Mon Feb 16 10:03:15 EST 2004

ACPI is disabled via acpi=off. Do you know why this would have this effect?
It unfortunately does not progress past the DHCP request as you mention. It
hangs the box and stays hung until a poweroff/on.

ACPI is buggy on my X31 so I am using APM.

Also just a reminder, this started with 1.62 - I don't have the versions
between the known working version (1.58) and 1.62 to test if they produce
the same as well.


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On Monday 16 February 2004 07:03, burgeke at HQ.VerizonWireless.com wrote:
> I have been using driverloader for quite some time on a Fedora Core 1 
> loaded IBM X31 laptop with the Intel 2100b card. Somewhere after 1.58 
> but definitely reproducible in driverloader-1.62, the laptop will hang 
> on boot sporadically while trying to obtain a IP from DHCP. Only way 
> out of the hang is a hard reset. I have tried using both the generic 
> packages and the Fedora 2.4.22-1.2166.nptl package. Thinking that it 
> could be the 2166 kernel I downgraded back to the 2149 kernel with the 
> same results. In addition, I dual boot SuSE 9 and can reproduce the 
> hang there as well during boot at the same point (DHCP request). Only 
> resolution seems to be falling back to the next previous version I 
> have (1.58) which works perfectly.
I respectufully disagree that the problem is the definitely the
I used three different kernel versions & had no problem with the hanging
(though I did have a problem getting my wireless to talk to a network, but
that's another story).  Yes, it will wait a few seconds and I did think I
had a problem ...but then it took off & finished the boot process.  On my
HP, the only way I got it to hang on the DHCP lookup was if I disabled ACPI
or used the 'safe settings' when I attempted to install SuSE9.


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