[driverloader] suse 9, belkin f5d6* card, 802.11b

David T-G davidtg-driverloader at justpickone.org
Tue Mar 2 22:11:54 EST 2004

Hi, all --

I confidently went out and bought an on-sale Belkin F5D6* series card and
popped it into my new e-machines desktop running SuSE 9.0 ... and came to
a screeching halt when SuSE couldn't find anything.  I'm a laptop guy, and
thanks to pcmcia-cs this stuff always works, so I was stumped.  I was led
to linuxant and driverloader but had some trouble getting it installed
(it wouldn't modprobe and the command-line interface wouldn't give me the
mac and so on), so I returned the card.  It looks like I can't get two
routers (one new one for this desktop to complement the existing one in
the closet) to talk to each other, though, so I'm back to needing some
wireless PCI card, which it appears brings me back here.

It would be nice if I could use that card, since it's cheap and nearby,
but it doesn't have to be that one if there's something easier and/or
more reliable (or, hey, cheaper!).  What can you recommend for something
simple and solid that I should be able to get working quickly?  I've lost
a week in this shuffle already (a laptop died, and right now we can't
afford a replacement) and really need to get back to work.


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