[driverloader] stack overflow?

Phillip Heller pheller at lessjunk.com
Sun Mar 7 21:20:39 EST 2004

I'm getting a stack overflow that I believe is related to driverloader. 
It doesn't seem to happen unless my wireless card is associated with an
access point.

Additionally, I get errors when trying to set a WEP key, I'll post stuff
on that from dmesg after I convince myself to stop enjoying the
wonderfulness of Centrino wireless support.

If anyone has suggestions, I'd appreciate them!

do_IRQ: stack overflow: -168
ddcf44f8 ffffff58 ddcf4520 e0ccdd00 ddcf6008 ddcf5bac ddcf4554 c010d268 
       e0ccdd00 e0c807d0 00000000 ddcf6008 ddcf5bac ddcf4554 00000000
       e0cc0018 ffffff0c e0ce5452 00000010 00003246 e0c807d0 00000000
Call Trace:    [<c010d268>] [<e0cb0018>] [<e0cc0018>] [<e0cb19d0>]
  [<c0211554>] [<e0cab764>] [<e0cb4ef8>] [<e0cab730>] [<e0cb19d0>]
  [<e0cba6e5>] [<e0cba6d4>] [<c010ab15>] [<e0cb19d0>] [<e0cb1a94>]
  [<e0cba6d4>] [<e0cb63b9>] [<c0116ef0>] [<c011ee5a>] [<e0cb2f05>]

Phillip Heller <pheller at lessjunk.com>

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