[driverloader] Mandrake 10.0 help

jfrey at scl.telusa.com jfrey at scl.telusa.com
Mon Mar 15 10:02:07 EST 2004

	I've used the driverloader trial on MDK 9.2 with no problems and was
quite pleased with it! I've recently installed MDK 10.0 (community) and,
from my experience with the trial version, was ready to buy a license for
the new MDK installation. I noticed that the new kernel (2.6.3, I think it
is) is not yet supported by driverloader so I thought I'd try out the
generic. When I try to install it (dldrconfig) I get the "need to compile"
interaction, where it asks for the location of the source and gives a
default for the location. For some odd reason, I found the source located at
a different folder but when I try to enter that location, it appends what I
type in to the end of the default location. (example: Default is
/usr/local/src, my location is /usr/home/src/linux, so it'll return a
statement saying "cannot find src files: /usr/local/src/usr/home/src/linux")
(Not the exact line for line interaction, however, I'm not at my home
computer right now, but it's the basic idea)
Any help would be very welcome and I look forward to using your wonderful
product again! Thanks for being there for us when the OEM's (in this case:
Broadcom) refuse to provide drivers for those that need it! 

Kind Regards,
James W. Frey

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