[driverloader] Problems at reboot time

Peter White plwhite at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Mar 15 18:51:11 EST 2004

hi folks
I'm having problems with my DriverLoader installation. I have a Realtek 8180L 
WLAN device under RedHat 9.0, which works perfectly, comes up at boot time 
and is fully reliable. If I do "ifdown eth1" or "dldrstop" then I can 
subsequently shutdown the machine. If I just do a shutdown or reboot with the 
interface up, the machine hangs instantly, without going through any of the 
shutdown scripts (rc*.d/...) at all, and without flushing the disks.

I'm lost. I could try recompiling the driverloader modules myself, but that 
would be a last resort. Can anybody please help with a suggestion for what I 
can try now?

My /etc/modules.conf contains this line :
alias eth1 driverloader

My ifcfg-eth1 looks like this :
KEY="some stuff removed from here"

Note that the problem did not go away when I removed all security, or when I 
removed the card from boot config (i.e. using manual ifup, followed by system 
shutdown also hangs).
Thanks, Pete

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