[driverloader] USR5410 Looooong delay at boot

Bradford L. Barrett brad at mrunix.net
Tue Mar 16 12:10:39 EST 2004


  I finally got my USR5410 card working thanks to both the fine folks
at Linuxant and (finally) USR sending me the correct files to use
without needing an XP box to extract from.  Now, the problem that I
am having is a very long delay at boot time.  The boot process proceeds
as normal until it hits the Yenta driver, where it hands for several
minutes before continuing..  this is the relevant part of the log:

Yenta ISA IRQ mask 0x0238, PCI irq 10
Socket status: 30000006
Yenta ISA IRQ mask 0x0238, PCI irq 10
Socket status: 30000020

<----- Hangs here for several minutes ----->

cs: cb_alloc(bus 6): vendor 0x104c, device 0x9066
PCI: Enabling device 06:00.0 (0000 -> 0002)

If I boot without the card in the machine, everything goes well, until
I plug the card in, which then locks up the entire machine for several
minutes, until finally coming back to life.  This is a stock install
and I have it set up so that I must manually load the driverloader
module and configure the card (ie: nothing has been automated at this
point, just a stock install and nothing more).  Anyone else having
this problem, or know of a fix?  It's a 2.4.25 kernel, slackware

Thanks in advance

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