[driverloader] Success story: D-Link DWL 520 in AMD ShuttleX box w. Mandrake 9.2

William Irving MacGregor macgregor at austin.rr.com
Sun Mar 21 15:57:26 EST 2004

Thanks to excellent help from Jonathan in Linuxant support, and good 
advice from the mailing list, my WLAN link is up!

Small residual issue, the same one reported by frosterrj at sbcglobal.net, 
the device doesn't come up automagically on boot, I have to type "ifup 
eth1" in a root shell, but then all is good.

My log notes below, for your encouragement.  Thanks again, Jonathan, I 
bought the permanent key late last night!

   - Bill


The system config:
ShuttleX box, AMD Athlon XP, nVidia chipset, D-Link DWL 520 PCI 
wireless card.

The steps:
1) Installed Mandrake 9.2 with all workstation software, no server 
2) Installed the package wireless-tools-26-1mdk (and the required 
library libiw26-26-1mdk) from Mandrake CDs using the Mandrake Control 
3) At this point, eth0 was automatically configured up using the nvnet 
module (i.e., the on-board 10/100 wired interface works).
4) My kernel version is 2.4.22-10mdkenterprise.  Linuxant didn't have a 
pre-built binary, so I downloaded the tar file driverloader-1.64.tar.gz 
from Linuxant.
5) Installed the "kernel-source" package (searched on that term in 
Mandrake Control Center, there was only one hit) from the Mandrake 9.2 
6) Followed the rpmbuild instructions from the Mandrake Driverloader 
install page.  No errors, normal completion.
7) Installed the built rpm with "rpm -i <<rpm location from rpmbuild 
output>>"  During this, I think, dldrconfig was triggered, and caused 
the pre-built rpm to be discarded, recompiled, and installed.
8) Superstitious reboot.
9) Edited the file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth1 to include 
KEY="restricted <<hex WEP key>>"
10) Obtained a temporary DriverLoader key from Linuxant, and installed 
it with dldrconfig.  Then ran "ifup eth1", and I'm on the WLAN!

Residual issues:
1) eth1 doesn't come up during boot, I must enter "ifup eth1" in a root 
shell on each reboot (automatic is good, but I could live with it).
2) If I shutdown completely and power up, all is good.  If I request a 
restart, however, the machine usually hangs on the way back up, and the 
CPU overtemp light comes on, Autoguardian is triggered.  I suspect this 
is not an actual overtemp, but a bus hang of some kind.  Is 
Autoguardian acting conservatively in the absence of temp updates?  
(This behavior started when I inserted the DWL 520 PCI card.)

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