[driverloader] Re: Marvell chipsets (D-Link DWL-G630)

Bob Tracy rct at gherkin.frus.com
Mon Mar 22 12:23:58 EST 2004

rct wrote:
> Any plans to support the Marvell (Galileo) wireless chipsets?  I made a
> poorly-informed decision to buy a D-Link DWL-G630 (802.11g) card, and
> didn't find out what chipset D-Link used in this beast until it was too
> late :-(.

I'm happy to report that the next release of "driverloader" will support
Marvell chipsets, or at least the one in my DWL-G630 :-).  The support
guys were kind enough to let me try a snapshot labeled "1.64p1", and it
works like a champ.  The new release also addresses a number of driver
initialization issues that were a major hurdle in my particular case.

Disclaimer: I have no inside knowledge of Linuxant's release schedule
and/or version numbering scheme, which is to say I have no idea when the
next release is going to be officially available, nor what the version
number of that release will be.

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