[driverloader] Cant change frequency on D-Link DWL-510

Anders Olsen anders at typeworks.dk
Wed Mar 24 17:08:41 EST 2004

I've set up Driverloader with the D-Link Windows driver NETDLWL.INF
fine. I can change 'most' settings with iwconfig, but I cant change the
frequency/channel. The change just doesn't show up.

Anyone got a suggestion?


I was thinking maybe the driver was no good, and wanted to use the
Realtek RTL8180 driver (NET8180.INF), but it says it isn't supported
with that driver. I'm not too sure what to change in it to make it work
with the card. Can someone help me out?


BTW, Im using Slackware 9.1 with 2.4.22.


Thanks in advance,


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