[driverloader] Debian Sarge 1 disc install: what base needed for driverloader?

Kirk Bowe kirk at vice-versa.info
Sun Mar 28 13:30:56 EST 2004

Hi, I've done a one CD install of Debian Sarge, kernel 2.4.25.  As I don't
have any other network card on that box other than the Broadcom / Belkin
wireless card, it's crippled until I can get driverloader to work.

 From this very basic install, could anyone enlighten me as to the
additional / basic .debs etc that I will need to get installed before I
can compile driverloader properly (ie could someone list off the basic
mods that need to be up)?  I've installed the kernel sources / header
files already, and it seems that I can run the install to the point where
I can run dldrconfig, which then craps out with lots of unresolved

 Sorry if this seems vague, but it's just a Debian Sarge install from disc
one of the set.



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