[driverloader] Belkin F5D6020 ver.2 802.11b card

Bob Tracy rct at gherkin.frus.com
Wed Mar 31 23:34:03 EST 2004

Federico Marchetti wrote:
> I have this (by now old) Belkin card, but was reluctant to
> invest more money in another card that would have the same lack of
> support under Linux...

I'm a happy Linuxant customer using "driverloader" for a different card,
but I have a F5D6020 ver. 2 and it works just fine with Linux using one
of the native drivers.  The trick is finding "the one".  There are at
least three different Atmel chipset drivers floating around out there,
and the one included with the latest 2.6 kernels doesn't work for me.

The following may be slightly incorrect, because I don't have the
laptop in front of me where I did the work, but this should get you
most of the way there...

Go to http://atmelwlandriver.sourceforge.net
click on "downloads", then grab the March 10th or later snapshot (the
latest official release might work with a 2.4 kernel, but wouldn't
compile under 2.6).  When you run the configure script, build only
the PCMCIA drivers -- don't try to build the USB drivers, the graphical
utilities, or the command-line utilities.  The first attempt to build
the PCMCIA drivers will fail because of an erroneous attempted include
of "modversions.h".  Comment out the offending "include" in the header
file where it appears, and then the build should proceed without
further incident.  "make install" does an incomplete job.  You'll need
to manually patch /etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts to recognize the Belkin
card: scan the Makefiles to see what's supposed to happen on installation,
and you'll notice what has been commented out (probably because the patch
depends on the release of pcmcia-cs package you are using).

Yeah...  This is/was harder than it should be :-(.  As far as trying to
use the WinXP driver for the Belkin card with "driverloader", yes, the
driver files are embedded within InstallShield cabinet files (not the
same format as MS-Win cabinet files).  Also, I seem to remember a
"driverloader" caveat about trying to use the product with 16-bit PCMCIA
(not Cardbus) cards, so you may be unable to use "driverloader" for
multiple reasons.

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