[driverloader] Another DHCP failure

Simon Green Simon.Green at vodafone.co.nz
Thu Apr 1 15:59:21 EST 2004


Similar to Roberto, I have had problems getting DHCP to go. The card
will work fine when allocated a static IP - so it's good enough that I'm
paying for a Linuxant license - but DHCP will not work.

The interesting extra factoid I can provide that Roberto might not have
noticed is this: if I run iwevent in the background, I can see the card
successfully registering with my Access Point, and the MAC of the AP is
listed in the event log. If I then bring up the card (ifconfig eth1
<some IP address>) this is fine, but if I bring the card up using DHCP
as configured in ifcfg-eth1 BOOTPROTO=dhcp, then I get another
registration event listing an AP MAC of all zeroes.

Some sort of nasty interaction between dhcpd and the driverloader is
breaking the association with the AP as far as I can tell. Has anyone
else noticed this?

FWIW, I have a D-Link DWL-G650+ (TI chipset), using 64-bit WEP w/
preshared key and a MAC filter on my AP. The AP itself is a 3Com
Officeconnect 802.11g AP with latest firmware (1.02.11 Dec 03).

(Should have looked a little more carefully when buying this card - or
better still D-Link should not use such confusingly similar model names
- the DWL-G650 is an Atheros based card IIRC, which should work with



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