[driverloader] Xandros & WPC11 v3

Verner Kjærsgaard vk at os-academy.dk
Fri Apr 2 21:44:42 EST 2004

Has anyone had any succes with Xandros v2 and the LinkSys WPC11 v3 ??

- not that it's really important to me, I've got my IBM Thinkpad w SuSE9 and 
the built-in Intel wireless working perfectly fine thanks (a lot!!) to the 
fine people at Linuxant's. But, of course, if it can be done, I'll be glad to 
do it.

- BTW;one should setup a web-site aka "linuxprinting.org" to be consulted 
before one even thinks of purchacing hardware from ignorant producers. I'll 
NEVER buy any Linksys stuff again, given their rotten attitude to Linux 
users. When people ask me what to buy (even MS users), I say it's a no go. As 
simple as that. 

Best regards
Verner Kjærsgaard

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