[driverloader] WPC11 ver. 4 Irq conflict

David Phillips david at dcphillips.net
Mon Apr 5 06:52:19 EDT 2004

I am using Fedora..

Fedora Core release 1.90 (FC2 Test 1)

with various levels of kernels 2.6.4 and 2.6.3. I have a WPC11 ver.4 w/ 
the driver from linksys 03/18/2003,131, and driverloader version 1.65.

I cannot use system-config-network to configure the interface or it will 
cause a kernel panic with an irq conflict as soon as it links up.

The card links up good and I can configure it manually with ifconfig.

It sends and receives packets but they can only be seen by tcpdump. A 
ping gets host unreachable errors. The ping goes out and a response 
comes back only when using static arp tables. The system will not see 
arp requests so arp must be disabled to get ping replies.

When using arp the requests are sent out and answered on the network, 
and the responses can be seen on the wlan0 interface with tcpdump. The 
arp cache is not updated, so the arp response is not seen.


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