[driverloader] Re: Del 600m centrino, FC1, kernel 2.6.4: problem building/loading

Brian Burke BPBurke at alum.mit.edu
Thu Apr 8 16:05:43 EDT 2004

I too am having a similar problem, however, with a 2.6.5 kernel from
the Fedora Core 2 test2 devel yum.  Using the src package of 
driverload, the system freezes at the rpm install.  If I re-run 
dldrconfig after a reboot, once again, a hard freeze.

On the compiler question, the kernel I'm using was compiled with gcc
3.3.3-3, while I have 3.3.3-6 installed.  It could be, but, I doubt 
this is the problem for me.

Sorry I can't offer any solution, but, it is another data point.

On Sunday April 4, Philippe Chatelain said...

Hi there,

I am currently running FC1, kernel 2.6.3 and dldr 1.65 with no problem.
I got into trouble when I tried to install it under 2.6.4. After
compiling the module, my machine locked hard.
I rebooted and (as expected...) I got a zillion kernel errors during
boot and loading the dldr module.
I was wondering if anyone else out there is running Core 1 and 2.6.4 (or
2.6.5 since it just came out...) and had any pointer...
I am suspecting a difference between the compiler I used to build dldr
vs the one the Fedora RPMS are built with.


Philippe Chatelain
Graduate Student

Graduate Aeronautical Laboratories
California Institute of Technology

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