[driverloader] staying ahead of updates

David T-G davidtg-driverloader at justpickone.org
Wed Apr 14 17:53:45 EDT 2004

Hi once more --

...and then David T-G said...
% Is there an announce- list, though, to which I can subscribe so that I
% know a new version is out and I can get it *before* I do an update run
% and change my kernel and kick myself off of the network?

It looks like my only option is to notice the new SuSE kernel in the
update list and remember to go and get the RPM from linuxant and do both
at the same time, since I'm not terribly interested in compiling my own
package.  [If SuSE ever lets me down and I have to compile my own kernel
then I'll no doubt just compile driverloader, but while I can avoid it
I'm happy to spend my time, of which I have entirely too little, on the
mountains of other things to do.]

Thanks to all & HAND

David T-G
davidtg at justpickone.org
http://justpickone.org/davidtg/      Shpx gur Pbzzhavpngvbaf Qrprapl Npg!

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