[driverloader] Works ... installation: gentoo 2.6.5-mm1/centrino

x86processor genes46genes at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 15 21:23:10 EDT 2004


driverloader is working great with Gentoo 2.6.5-mm1
with centrino. Just did the following:
1/ tar -xzvf driverloader-{version}.tar.gz
2/ cd driverloader-{version}
3/ make install
4/ dldrconfig

Pointed web browser to and followed
the steps (as I had my ethernet working) and got the
key and driver installed. It took the interface as
eth1, while the rpm in the earlier SuSE 9 took it as
wlan0. I didn't have my wireless tools installed, so I
emerged them,

5/emerge wireless-tools
6/dhcpcd eth1

and I was all set :)



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