[driverloader] D-Link G520 SuperG - very slow, intermittent disconnect

David Wood obsidian at panix.com
Sun Apr 18 11:48:22 EDT 2004

This card's firmware is up to date. I have this working under win2k with
50% signal and consistent 96MB or 108MB rates - no problems even with
lots of network activity for hours. 

In linux (Debian Sarge, 2.6.3) I followed the instructions and installed
driverloader with the newest XP driver. I set up WPA using
wpa_supplicant (I tested - my problems happen the same with or without
encryption). I am able to connect to the network - traffic does move.
But it's very very choppy and quite slow - 1/100 to 1/10 the speed I get
in win2k (i.e. 5-30KB transfers), and then frequently (i.e. once while
writing this) just shuts down. When it goes down, it won't come back up
until I close down everything, _unload the kernel module_, and load it
up again. 

Can't find anything useful in the web interface. I've tried tinkering
with iwconfig, but none of my actions with it (i.e. lowering the speed)
seem to have any effect.

Does anyone have this card working? Any advice? What am I doing wrong?

Best regards,

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