[driverloader] loss of signal + signal strength

David T-G davidtg-driverloader at justpickone.org
Sun Apr 25 21:48:54 EDT 2004

Hi, all --

I have a SuSE 9.0 Pro system, upgraded to KDE 3.2, running the SuSE
2.4.21-199 kernel.  I'm using the driverloader RPM for my USR 802.11g
card (hmmm...  I see that I need to get a fresh version in anticipation
of a new kernel, too! :-)  I've been running with the temp license for a
few days over two weeks as I shake things down.  So far it looks good.

A couple of days ago, I suddenly lost all communication with my SMC
Barricade 802.11b router.  I first rebooted it, but still read no signal
with kwifimanager and so I eventually rebooted the computer, which came
back up happily and with a signal.  "Odd", I thought to myself, and
considered it a fluke.

This evening it did it again; I'm using my wife's laptop to post.  I
haven't yet rebooted because

  1) I want to leave it up for debugging purposes

  2) I'd like to know how to work around this, whatever it is, without a
  reboot (of course I don't want it to happen in the first place!)

  3) I like high uptime counters and every reboot hurts ;-)

So what can I do?

Meanwhile, I don't think that kwifimanager is reporting the signal
strength to me properly; it never varies in the line graph, with noise
off of the bottom, and signal strength is always "ultimate" (== "1").
The first time I lost signal I moved the computer from the floor to the
desk to try to recover (but that didn't help), and I've left it there
because I've been too busy to put it back :-)  But I have noticed that
my network response is snappier -- even though the signal strength has
not changed.


David T-G
davidtg at justpickone.org
http://justpickone.org/davidtg/      Shpx gur Pbzzhavpngvbaf Qrprapl Npg!

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