[driverloader] will work under vmware?

burgeke at HQ.VerizonWireless.com burgeke at HQ.VerizonWireless.com
Tue Apr 27 16:47:41 EDT 2004

The key here is that you won't need driverloader in the SUSE VM (as much as
I love the product!!) What you need to-do is get your wireless card to work
under XP Home (based on your post, this is your laptop's OS.) Make sure you
can browse the network etc. Then in your SUSE VM configuration, you should
enable NAT (this is what I would do). Make sure you have configured the VM
to have a NIC and then in your SUSE VM, the device should pick up an IP from
the VMware dhcp server.

But again, to stress, you won't be able to get driverloader to work in a
VMware SUSE (or any) VM under a Windows host. If your configuration was the
other way around (SUSE 9 host OS on your laptop with any guest OS VM) then
you would need driverloader or similar.

Not sure which version you have but here are some links to the WS4.5 docs.
4.0.x should be very similar.

http://vmware-svca.www.conxion.com/software/GuestOS_guide.pdf  (there is a
SUSE 9 guest how-to in this doc.)
http://www.vmware.com/community/forum.jspa?forumID=19 (excellent forum - you
might try to pose your questions here if you still have troubles)


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Yes I do!  The possibilities to switch to NAT or bridged are available and I
tried them all but it had no effect!
So I don't really know where the problem comes from. The
VM,SuSE,driverloader or the (wrong?) windows driver...
Is there a way to find out who of them is making that trouble?

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