[driverloader] Stalled outgoing connections

Francis Rogers exorcismtongs at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 22:43:51 EDT 2004


I'm using Driverloader v1.66 with my Edimax EW-7126 PCI card with
RTL8180 drivers. It works well for most purposes, however for some
reason while sending data on outgoing connections sometimes the data
just stops.

This is most obvious using SFTP: when I try to download a file from
the wireless computer from another computer: the transfer starts out
OK, but when after it's transferred a random amount of data, usually
between 1 and 5 MB, the transfer rate drops steeply and then it just
says "Stalled". I get similar results using normal FTP, so it's
definetly not a problem with my SSH server. I also have problems when
I try to upload stuff from the wireless computer to my ISP's FTP

The problem can also be demonstrated by telnetting into the wireless
computer's chargen from another computer: it starts out OK, but after
a few seconds the gibberish characters just stop coming. If I try the
same thing to on the wireless computer the characters are
endless, like they should be, so it's definetly not a problem with my
chargen server either.

Outgoing connections work perfectly fine; I can download files from
the Internet with no problems.

Any suggestions on how I can get this working correctly?


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