[driverloader] Can\'t connect to Linksys WRT54G Acces Point

lxant at altern.org lxant at altern.org
Fri Apr 30 15:00:52 EDT 2004


I have both Intel 2100b dans linksys WPC54G wireless cards and none of them can connect to WRT54G AP.

I'm running debian on the client side, recent linuxant driver version, 2.4.26 kernel.

I tried several versions of the WRT54G AP firmware, including the most recent one. Prism cards can connect to the AP without problem.

When I try to force essid and/or channel/freq with iwconfig :
- sometimes, essid is still null and channel always get a value of 0 (I tried all 1-11 channels)
- sometimes, essid gets the real value but channel is still 0...
In both cases, wavemon indicates no signal (AP is 1 meter away).

I'd be really happy if someone has a clue...

Thanks in advance,

John M.

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