[driverloader] Latitude C800 WPC54G Fedora

Peter van Oers peter at van-oers.net
Fri Apr 30 16:49:22 EDT 2004

I'm using a Dell Latitude C800 installed with Fedora (completely updated). As wireless card i use a Linksys wpc54g.

There is someting strange going on and don't know how to solve. I start up my laptop and the wpc54g is getting an IP adres by DHCP. Everything is working well and i can surf the internet. When I restart the laptop the wpc54g get's an ip adres but i can't reach any hosts on my local network or the internet. (Destination Host Unreachable).

I can power or restart the laptop but is doesn't work anymore.

So i've got angry and pressed the power button with the system running. The next time i had a try it was working again.

Thus the only solution to keep the wpc54g working is not to shutdown the laptop but just pull the "plug".

Has anyone the same experience?


Peter van Oers

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