[driverloader] driverloader suspend/resume issues

Tony Hoyle tmh at nodomain.org
Thu May 6 19:23:27 EDT 2004

I'm having terrible trouble getting driverloader to play nice with 
suspend/resume on my laptop.

The driver works OK until I suspend by closing the lid (I rarely power 
the laptop off normally).  When resuming about 3-5 seconds after 
powering up it freezes and requires a cold reboot.

There's nothing written to the logs, and I've tried manually shutting 
down driverloader before suspend and all sorts of tricks...  it gets 
restarted by the resume scripts and promptly falls over.  I'm guessing 
this card (dlink DWL-G650) doesn't support suspend/resume (the internal 
orinoco card suspends/resumes just fine so I know everything else is 

I tried removing driverloader from the modules.pcimap but doing a 
'cardctl insert' puts it back again...  How do I switch the autoload off 
permanently?  It's pretty unusable in its current state.  I can rename 
the kernel module before resume but I'm looking for something I can let 
my non-techie wife use (creating an script that does modprobe/ifup isn't 
that hard if I work out how to give it root privs... having to get her 
to remember never to close the lid until she's run a script that renames 
a kernel module and does a depmod plus dldrstop is probably asking a bit 
much.. she'll forget and eventually one of the crashes will cause disk 

This is Kernel 2.6.5 running driverloader 1.66 on a Toshiba Satellite 
Pro 6100 w/debian unstable.


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