[driverloader] usr 805410 and latest drivers (5.0j)

Marc Boucher marc at linuxant.com
Sat May 8 09:29:44 EDT 2004

Hi Cristiano,

1) The advanced settings are controlled by the Windows driver's inf 
In USR's new driver, the definitions for some parameters, like Mode4x, 
have been commented out; that's why they no longer appear on 
driverloader's advanced settings page. But in the case of Mode4x, the 
default value seems On.

2) We have done a few tests here sending data to an USR5450 AP (running 
the latest 1.41 firmware) with turbo mode enabled, and it seems to work 
fine - haven't been able to reproduce any hangs. What brand/model of AP 
and firmware revision do you have? How much data can you send before 
the problem happens? Does it happen when receiving data too? Have you 
tried resetting the configuration parameters (rm -f 
/etc/driverloader/config/*; dldrstop; dldrconfig -i) to defaults?

3) The led also stays on with the new driver when disabling/ejecting 
the card under Windows . Seems like a benign issue.


On May 6, 2004, at 4:47 PM, Cristiano De Michele wrote:

> Hi,
> I tried to use latest driver (v5.0j) for my pcmcia card (USR805410)
> from www.usr.com with driverloader but I had following problems
> to report:
> 1) As I installed 5.0j driver I had less advanced settings in
>    driverloader configuarion html page (not mode4x for example
>    and many others)
> 2) If turbo mode is enabled on AP, as I send data
>    from laptop (equipped with usr805410) to AP the transfer rate
>    goes quickly to 0 and network interface hangs completely (I have
>    to reload driveloader module to make it work again)
> 3) if I do dldrstop the power led of the pcmcia card does not turn off
> fortunately drivers from
> http://www.linuxant.com/driverloader/drivers.php
> work perfectly and actually I'm using them
> but I'd like to hear from if there is any hope
> to have driver v5.0j working with driverloader,
> thanks,
> Cristiano
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