[driverloader] Problems with Centrino WLAN and SuSE 9.1 Prof.

Ejnar Zacho Rath rath at vip.cybercity.dk
Tue May 11 09:58:35 EDT 2004

On Mon, 10 May 2004 21:56:57 +0200, Jens Kruse wrote
> Hi,
> I was very happy today when I found the driverloader 1.68 for SuSE 
> 9.1 and Kernel 2.6.x.
> So I took the chance and made a fresh install of SuSE 9.1 on my 
> Centrino Notebook.
> The installation went fine, but the driverloader module can't find 
> my WLAN device, what might be the problem? With SuSE 9.0 everything 
> was perfect ...
I experienced exactly the same when I upgraded from SuSE 9.0 to 9.1 yesterday
so it looks like it doesn't matter if it is a fresh install or on upgrade.

My HW is an IBM ThinkPad T40 with an Intel PRO/Wireless 2100.  

The only message about driverloader in the output from "dmesg" is:
driverloader: probe of 0000:02:02.0 failed with error -5

The driverloader version is driverloader-1.68-1.  Kernel is

> Regards, Jens


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