[driverloader] Lockups after 15 minutes - version 1.69 with an SMC2802W

Ian Castle ian.castle at coldcomfortfarm.net
Sun May 16 00:35:35 EDT 2004

I get complete lockups after around 15 minutes of usage. I'm starting to vary 
parameters in an effort to narrow the cause down, but would appreciate any 
insights that anyone has to offer.

The first thing I've tried is to switch from an SMP to a UP kernel. I'm just 
coming up to the critical time.... If this doesn't improve things then I'll 
start to turn off things like APIC etc.

Of course, if it is stable with UP, then I'll have to revisit SMP - but 
turning various things off....

Does anybody have experience of driverload + SMC2802W with SMP? Is it known to 



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