[driverloader] Belkin F5D7000 and Red Hat 9

Bob Lockie bjlockie at lockie.ca
Sun May 30 15:58:57 EDT 2004

On 05/28/04 20:22 Dave Lichtenstein spoke:
> I’m trying to get the Belkin F5D7000 card to work with Linux Red hat 9 
> (v2.4.20-8) using the driverloader. Driverloader installed fine, I 
> think. But in the configuration screen (at localhost:18020) the pci card 
> is not recognized. I notice that the card is not powered up (no LED) 
> under Linux as it is automatically under Windows XP. I assume this is 
> the problem? How do I tell Linux to power up the card? Seems like a 
> chicken-and-egg scenario… I haven’t done any recompilation of the kernel 
> as I’ve seen suggested on various newsgroups, but this wasn’t specified 
> at all on the linuxant install documentation page. Also, it could be 
> that wireless tools isn’t installed. (Why is there no mention of how to 
> do this on the driverloader install doc page??) For example, iwconfig 
> isn’t recognized. But when I try to install the wireless-tools rpm from 
> my linux cd I get the message that wireless-tools is already installed.

 From a command prompt as the root user, do:
'find / -name iwconfig -print'.

I suspect iwconfig is in /usr/sbin or something not in the path and you 
probably need to be the root user to run it.

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