[driverloader] /etc/init.d/driverloader

Sven Jacobs sven.jacobs at web.de
Fri Jun 4 20:18:15 EDT 2004

Linuxant support (Jonathan) wrote:
> Thanks your for your work on a ebuild. This will make DriverLoader easier to 
> install for Gentoo users. When your work is done, you can post the ebuild on 
> this mailing list so the whole DriverLoader community will be able to enjoy 
> your work.

Regarding the Gentoo ebuild I still have a problem though: As you may 
know, during the installation process of an ebuild files are not 
directly installed into the file system hierarchy but are installed into 
a temporary image directory within a sandbox. The files are then merged 
into the system so that Gentoo can keep track of which files have been 

I managed to tell the installation process to install the files into 
that image directory by calling "make ROOT=${D} install" from the 
ebuild, where ${D} contains the image directory 
("/var/tmp/portage/driverloader-1.71/image/" for example). The problem 
is that this path is then hardcoded into /usr/sbin/dldrconfig. After the 
temporary directory has been removed I am not able to create kernel 
modules with dldrconfig, for example :(

There should be a distinction between the actual installation pathes (in 
Gentoo the image directory) and the pathes which are hardcoded into 
dldrconfig (in Gentoo the real pathes after the merge process).

Optionally all hardcoded pathes could be removed from dldrconfig and put 
into a separate configuration file which the ebuild can easily modify. 
This would also easy the setup process on other distributions.

Just some thoughts.

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