[driverloader] Dlink DWL-510 cannot find accesspoint

Johan Andrén johan at evelyngrace.net
Sat Jun 5 18:23:13 EDT 2004

I recently bought a DWL-510 in the belief that dlink made good stuff and
perhaps even supported linux. Quite a mistake. Anyways, I decided to
give driverloader a try rather than leaving the card back to the store.

I have downloaded the most recent drivers from dlinks homepage, and
everything seems to work with driverloader (1.71). I use linux 2.6.6.
When I run iwconfig it shows the card and all properties can be set.
This is where the trouble does begin.

After running ifconfig up on the interface (which seems to work) i run
dhcpcd to get an IP-address, at this point nothing happens, dhcpcd bails
without even giving an error message, but in the systemlog i get this:

eth1: WEP128, WEP64 supported
eth1: D-Link Air Wireless LAN Adapter at 0000:00:0b.0 (MAC address
00:40:05:3F:27:2E) ready
eth1: New link status: Disconnected (0002)
driverloader: NdisScheduleWorkItem: work full, increase

When i run "iwlist scan" it tells me the following:
"eth1      Failed to read scan data : No data available"

I have read through the FAQ thoroughtly without finding anything. I also
searched a bit on the net and someone adviced to use realtek
8180L-drivers from their homepage. I have tried that but with that
drivers the card is not recognized at all.

The accesspoint is a dlink 614+ which does work with other wlan-cards in
the network.

Any help appreciated.
Johan Andrén <johan at evelyngrace.net>

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