[driverloader] Slackware installation issues

Richard Joseph Corey rjc6 at ra.msstate.edu
Thu Jun 17 23:38:09 EDT 2004

I recently installed the latest distro of Slackware on my laptop. I have a
Motorola wireless card but doesn't work while booted up in Linux. My issue
is with the installation of driverloader. I tried the generic version,
both .rpm and .tar. However, although the tar file would seem to install
I received a failure message with init_module when I attempted to modprobe
it. The .rpm wouldn't install at all, stating something to the effect
of (and I apologize for not having the exact error message written
down) not having gcc and bin/sh which is odd because I do. Is there a
different version, perhaps one of the Fedora or Red Hat .rpm's I should be
using instead?


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