[driverloader] Using newer Mandrake kernels.

Linuxant Support (Jonathan) support at linuxant.com
Wed Jun 23 12:57:54 EDT 2004


there are good chances that DriverLoader will work with these kernels. 
However, since these kernels are not officially provided with a Linux 
distribution and these kernels might have patches applied to them that make 
them incompatible with our products, we do not offer support for these 

If you want to experiment with newer kernels that the kernels provided 
officially by Mandrake, then try with a fresh 2.6.7 kernel from 
'http://www.kernel.org' instead.

If you compile the previous kernel, please make sure that you do not compile 
the kernel with the following options since in some cases they are 
incompatible with our products :


If you have a problem with DriverLoader on a 2.6.7 kernel without the previous 
options enabled, please feel free to send a 'dumpdiag' at 
support at linuxant.com, we will do our best to fix the problem. You can 
generate the dump with the 'dldrconfig --dumpdiag' command in a root shell.


Technical specialist / Linuxant
support at linuxant.com

Le 22 Juin 2004 18:47, Christian Dysthe a écrit :
> Hi,
> I would like to try out some of the newer (2.6.7) kernels on my Mandrake
> 10.0 system. There are kernel rpm's available for this like these:
> http://mandrake.contactel.cz/people/svetljo/mandrake/kernel/RPMS/
> I have used these packages before without problems, but not on a system
> using the driverloader. Before I spend time on it I would like to ask what
> the chances are that the "generic" driverloader rpm will work with such
> kernels? I know I can't expect a "the chances for success is 67.6%", but
> some kind of indication, like "chanches are good it will work" would be
> great.
> TIA for help.

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