[driverloader] Edimax EW7107PCg 54 Mbps cardbus (No card present)

Nico Snyman nicos at mcb.net
Mon Jun 28 15:04:48 EDT 2004

Hi there,

> Card is based on InProComm INP220 chipset. When I loaded the Windows
> drivers driverloader reports that that card isn't present ... Tried the
> RPM and compiling the tarball, same result on SuSe 9.0 2.4.21-199-default
> kernel. The driver actually used is i220ntx.sys although the setup wants
> also.

I tried exactly the same card last night and got it to work. I think the
problem is that the .inf file shipped with the card refers to NT, 98 and 95
drivers in the one inf, driverloader tries (and prompts you) to load both
the NT driver (i220ntx.sys) and the 95/98/Me driver (i220.sys)

My way of getting past this was to edit the .inf and comment out all the
sections not dealing with the NT driver. Subsequently, driverloader asked
for only the NT
driver and loaded correctly. I'd be happy to email you the adapted inf file
if the above is not clear.


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