[driverloader] Card, but not working...

Trond Mæhlum trondrm at online.no
Wed Jun 30 02:07:49 EDT 2004

Having given up getting my Linksys WPC11 v4 going under Linux, I decided
to give driverloader a try. I was able to load the XP driver and
register my trial code.  I configured it with yast, and the card lights

The problem is that I cannot get it to get an ipaddress from the dhcp.
When I give it a static address, I can ping the card itself, but nothing
more than that. A simple ifconfig looks fine. iwconfig also looks fine.
I can even see the cards mac address on the AP, so the card is working!

A simple ping gives the network is unreachable error... Now, How do I
get this card to ping? route -n tells me that the gateway is correct.

My system is this:

Suse 9.1
Driverloader 1.72
Linksys wpc11 v4
XP drivers for Linksys v4 from link on linuxant.com

The accesspoint runs on channel 7
Now set to no security, accept essid, allow all mac, no wep.

P.S. The card works on XP, so it's no faulty.

If more info is required I can provide it... Can someone please help me
with this?

Trond Mæhlum <trondrm at online.no>

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