[driverloader] wpc54g working well; but a few questions

Michael Perry meperry at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 10:32:11 EDT 2004

Hi all-

I have a linksys wpc54g card which is working well on debian linux
unstable on a dell inspiron 4100.  I have noticed a few things which I
have not been able to figure out:

1) the card for some reason does not come up when the laptop boots.  I
have to manually rmmod driverloader and then modprobe it to make it
work.  After that I use some schemes in /etc/network/interfaces to do
ifup statements for various locations.  All works then.  I should note
that the driverloader module does get inserted into the running kernel
at boot time and I have the card in the system when it boots.

2) suspend events seem problemmatic at times.  Oftentimes, by
suspending the laptop using "apm -s", the laptop comes back great,
sound modules work, X works, etc.  Oftentimes though driverloader
requires re-inserting into the kernel and then restarting networking
using the ifup scripts.

BTW, this is running on a 2.6.7 kernel that is self-compiled from
tarball off of kernel.org.

Michael Perry
meperry at gmail.com

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