[driverloader] Technical Support For Configuring wireless card for ipv6

bhupendra gothwal bhupee_iitg at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 10 05:11:14 EDT 2004

 hello every one i am implementing a mobile ipv6
and while adding a ipv6 address wireless interface by
issuing the command ("/sbin/ip -6 addr add
fec0:106:2700::1/64 dev wlan0")
i encounter the error ("RTNETLINK answers: No buffer
space available")
and if i issue("/sbin/ifconfig -6 addr add
fec0:106:2700::1/64 dev wlan0")
i encounter the error("SIOCSIFADDR: No buffer space
but no problem is encounter while adding a pv6 address
to my ethernet
can anyone help why it is happening

i am using acx100 chip by TI 
(there is no problem with the driver , the card is 
working fine(i mean when i assign a ipv4 address to it

it is ping it self and other interfaces on the

eagarly waiting for help

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