[driverloader] driverloader with d-link dwl-g650

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Mon Jul 12 11:55:28 EDT 2004


please try with different versions of the Windows XP driver to see if there is 
a difference.

Please let us know if you require more assistance.


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Le 11 Juillet 2004 10:55, Andreas Feldmann a écrit :
> Hi!
> I have a problem concerning my D-Link DWL-G650 card and the driverloader.
> I at first successfully installed the driverloader on my Debian system.
> For maybe two weeks everything worked fine and I was a happy fella. But
> then I noticed that my laptop hung itself sometimes. At first I didn't
> know why but then I found out that if I pull out the PCMCIA card while
> the system hangs it continues working again.
> When I boot up my system for the first time it works fine for maybe five
> to ten minutes before it hangs itself - although sometimes the system
> even works he entire day without complaining, but that is rather seldom.
> After pulling out the card and putting it back in the system hangs
> itself nearly every time I try to reload the driverloader module.
> I have attached several driverloaderdiag text files. One of them
> (driverloaderdiag_wo_hang.txt) was made before the system hung itself.
> Just some seconds after dldrconfig was finished dumping the system came
> to a halt again.
> There is another file (driverloaderdiag_with_hang.txt) where the system
> hung itself while dumping. I had to pull out the card so that dldrconfig
> could continue working.
> I am not sure if that has to do with anything, but right now I have my
> old trial license key installed, because I think the error occurred
> right after I purchased and installed the proper license key, and the
> system works fine right now. So I also attached another diag file
> (driverloaderdiag_old_license.txt) where the old license key is
> installed. But as I said I am not sure if that has to do with it,
> because I have not tested it thoroughly.
> thanks in advance for any help
> Andreas

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